A night in Gavoi

Gavoi it’s a small timeless municipality on the Italian island of Sardinia. Even so, time has not stood still here, and the municipality has made reducing its power consumption and CO2 impact a priority.
The existing lighting in Gavoi comprised high-pressure sodium lamps in two common wattages, 100W and 120W. The main disadvantage of these lamps is the unnatural yellow light. This light results in poor colour rendering of illuminated objects, and produces a lot of spill-over light, creating irritating light pollution and wasting energy.
Opting for the Neri Light 801 Lanterna has delivered two benefits for the price of one – improvements in the quality of light and a dramatic reduction in power consumption (the new lighting fixtures consumes only 53W) , delivering a cost reduction of over 50%. One of the main feature inside these attractively shaped, classically styled lanterns is the innovative Philips Fortimo LED linear light modules (LLM).
350 NERI Light 804 luminaires were installed on 40 streets in Gavoi. The lighting fixtures internal module has a lifetime of 50,000 hours, compared to approximately 20,000 hours for high-pressure sodium lamps, which also cuts overall costs and significantly reduces maintenance expenditure.

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