A Tribute to Wounded Italy

At Neri, we have always worked in close contact with beauty. We produce beautiful objects for the purpose of defending the beauty of our nation, but more than that, to bring out its true value.
Norcia, Castelluccio, Camerino, and Tolentino are just a few of the precious treasure troves that were hit by nature’s devastating fury, and a large part of the extraordinary artistic heritage preserved in these places was destroyed.
It will take immense effort to restore these towns, but we have no other alternative if we want to ensure that the cultural and historical wealth of their towns and landscape is not lost forever: we owe it to the populations of these places, but we also owe it to ourselves and the future generations who have our same rights to enjoy these beautiful places.
Neri will do its part. We plan to fully commit to restoring these places that we proudly helped to bring light to over the years. The same thing happened after the Friuli Earthquake (1976), the Irpinia Earthquake (1980) and the quake that hit the Nocera Umbra territory 20 years ago, after its street and squares were completely rebuilt during a reconstruction operation that ended last summer with the installation of Light 801.
The presentation that are attaching to this news clip is a tribute to these centres, as they once were and how they are now, so that no one forgets. It was created by our chairman Antonio Neri, who was there by chance, in that very location just a few minutes before the large quake that struck at 7:10 pm on 29 October.