A winning IDEA

One of the world’s best-known and sought-after awards when it comes to design. Every year, Business Week dedicates its July cover exclusively to the IDEA and it is estimated that winning the gold will generate the same notoriety as a million dollars of advertising. The IDEA, which stands for International Design Excellence Award, is organized by the IDSA, Industrial Designers Society of America, which has been the voice of excellence and innovation in industrial design in America for over 30 years. And it is thanks to Electra, designed by Alfredo Farné, that one of the most successful items in NERI’s “Contemporary” lighting line has been now selected among the group of USA finalists too.
A panorama that represents excellence in product design at international levels, and one in which NERI plays a leading role as finalist at the IDEA Brasil contest before the IDEA US selection, which follows the “Mencao Honrosa” award of the “26° Premio Design Museu da Casa Brasileira”.
Electra is designed for urban lighting, which means it is used in public areas, where it integrates aesthetics with performance to make the most of LED technology. Alfredo Farnè has designed a lamp holder that is elongated and flat in shape, creating a sleek and dynamic profile. The urban furniture range that accompanies and completes the look is Calla, by Emo Design, which includes bench, planter, bicycle rack, bollard and bin.
With its distinctive, minimalist elegance, Electra has been certified for resistance over 1500 hours with exposer to saline mist and UV rays.

Light Electra - range of models