Archilede Special: design, performance, savings and emotions

Four aspects were taken into consideration during the design stage: shape, performance, energy savings and emotion, because light improves the quality of life. Four are also the possible applications: roadway and street lighting, parking lots, roundabout lighting, pedestrian and bicycle paths.

All this is Archilede Special, the new LED street lighting system born from the pencil of Makio Hasuike, as a result of a collaboration between Neri and the Italian utility company Enel Sole. Made of die-cast aluminum, mounting LED Cree XP- G2, the wide emission surface and the perimeter reflector increase the emission efficiency maintaining reduced glare values.

Archilede Special’s optical system is composed by overlapping PMMA lenses with constant high light transmission performance; it is equipped with a heat dissipation system which keeps the junction temperature lower, extending the life of the light source; it’s very easy to install and maintain.