Archilede Special in the final for Compasso d’Oro

Street lamps are the forgotten fixtures of the urban landscape. Not for Neri, who has always believed in the power of good design. It must be the reason why the Italian association for industrial design (ADI) decided that our ‘Archilede special’ deserved a place in the final for the most prestigious international design award: the Compasso d’Oro.

Established in 1954 as the result of a Gio Ponti’s idea, ADI Compasso d’Oro Award is the oldest and most influential international design award. The nearly three hundred products awarded in more than fifty years, along with the almost two thousand products selected with the Honourable Mention, are collected and kept in the Historical Collection of the Compasso d’Oro Award.

‘Archilede special’, designed by Makio Hasuike & co in a collaborative effort along with Neri SpA and Enel Sole, will be judged in May by the design grand jury and the results will be disclosed during the award ceremony on the 14th of June in Milan.

We feel very honoured, having one of our products involved in the final stage of the Compasso d’Oro is already a great achievement.

Across the three generations that lead Neri, the company has always firmly believed that design is a paramount factor in life and therefore in our cities. Most of us know or think about design as the colour and shape of an object. However, it’s far more than what our eyes can meet. It’s not about how flashy or luxurious an object looks; it’s how it works to make our daily lives better.