The San Diego Convention Centre will soon open its doors to the biggest American Conference on Landscape Architecture in US. We will be there with Brenta smart street furniture collection, post top luminaire system Lang and the new born brand called Villa Neri.


Villa Neri, the new residential lighting brand

Villa Neri smart pathlights are heavy duty, bright, DIY lights for gardens that can be controlled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. They come with a dedicated mobile app to set up and manage them from anywhere via smartphone or tablet. They are also compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The smart starting kit has everything is needed to light a back yard without the help of an electrician. No electrical wiring or transformers, no separate bridge, no maintenance required. The pathlights are ready to install on all surfaces and can be repositioned in endless configurations. In less than ten minutes, pathlights can be turned on and gardens illuminated. All it has be done is to choose a location, connect them to each other and into the mains.

Villa Neri is the new Neri SpA parent company dedicated to residential lighting. Conceived in Florida in partnership with American Company, ISP Design, lighting consultants with more than 27 years' experience, and made in Italy by expert craftmen, Villa Neri smart outdoor pathlights bring professional-quality landscape lights to any garden. American lights with Italian flair.



Brenta, the illuminating concrete collection

Brenta, designed by Italian firm EMO Design, is the first smart urban furniture collection made of a special mixture of High Performance Concrete (HPC), where each piece emits light. The collection is composed by four types of illuminating bollards (XL, L, M and S), two types of wall mounted luminaires (L and S), two types of illuminated benches (L and S) and two types of illuminated planters (L and M). For illuminating bollards XL and L and for wall mounted luminaire L, a special indirect light optic and reflector have been designed and engineered. The LED chips are hidden by a small reflector positioned on top of them. The shape of the reflector generates a wide beam of light on another white rectangular reflector that widens the beam even more. Thank to this reflector the photometry obtained allows inter distance between bollards of 6 times the height. The material the collection is made of is called NeriConcrete, it is a completely new and bespoke HPC (High Performance Concrete) mix. Its high mechanical strength is due to polymeric fibers present within the mass; it is a highly compact material with minimum porosity; it is waterproof thanks to the low watercement ratio. The XL illuminating bollard can be equipped with integrated Wi-Fi antenna, whilst the L illuminated bench can be equipped with mobile phone wireless charger. Brenta collection won the German Design Awards 2019 in the category ‘Lighting.’

Brenta Collection


Lang, the post top with a twist

Lang is the new post top luminaire designed by Danish lighting design firm ÅF Lighting. Lang is a design tool that makes it possible to play with light. The two independent light sources, with their four different geometries, can generate a lumen output between 1,500 and 15,000, while the optional ‘blade’ can be customized to establish the identity of a place. The simple shape of Lang provides comfortable and low-glare, yet high quality and performing light for public spaces. This decorative lantern can be mounted at 10’-19’, requiring an adapter for 2 1/4” Ø posts, without adapter on 3” Ø and flush on 3 1/2” Ø.

Lang can be equipped with an accessory that the designers themselves called the ‘blade’, a visual divider positioned between the V shaped brackets, a slim sheet of laser cut aluminum that can be customized and work like a filter. This graphical and definition giving device offers designers yet another field with which to express themselves. The color and pattern combinations are endless: a corporation can have their logo, a site or campus can have an integrated zonal definition system, or a community or urban district can have their own identifying emblem.




Booth #1517
November 15-18
San Diego