Baku, tradition and modernity

The futuristic Flame Towers, which dominate the skyline of Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan, with their height of 200 metres, are the symbol of a modern city with an ancient heart. Contemporary architecture is woven into the urban scenario amidst the old city―medieval crossroads along the silk road that today counts several buildings listed by the UNESCO as World Heritage Sites―the European style district built in the ‘900s and the district that dates back to the Soviet period. Boulevards overlooking the Caspian Sea, lined with shops, stylish haunts and luxury hotels converge on the new sports district, the site of the Olympic Stadium, which hosted the first European Olympic Games in June 2015. Organising this event demanded an extensive urban transformation that involved both the sports and public frameworks, since the area was reconverted into a large modern green recreational haven that is open to the population at large. Neri also had the privilege of lighting up both the long boulevards and the 16 piers that reach out to the sea, besides the old city, particularly Ichari-Shahar (the historical city centre).