Brenta and Lang at LFI

Tomorrow Lightfair International 2019 starts in Philadelphia. To celebrate the 30 years of this magnificent event, our booth (2009) will show the award winning Brenta collection and Lang.

Brenta, designed by Italian firm EMO Design, is the first smart urban furniture collection made of a special mixture of High Performance Concrete (HPC), where each piece emits light. The collection is composed by four types of illuminating bollards (XL, L, M and S), two types of wall mounted luminaires (L and S), two types of illuminated benches (L and S) and two types of illuminated planters (L and M).

Lang is the new post top luminaire designed by Danish lighting design firm ÅF Lighting. Lang is a design tool that makes it possible to play with light. The two independent light sources, with their four different geometries, can generate a lumen output between 1,500 and 15,000, while the optional ‘blade’ can be customized to establish the identity of a place.