Brenta has won the BIG SEE AWARD

This is just the first award for Brenta collection, more will come and will be revealed in due time. Brenta is our first smart HPC (High Performance Concrete) collection entirely illuminated or illuminating, composed by: four sizes lighting bollards, two sizes wall mounted luminaires, two sizes illuminated benches, two sizes illuminated planters. Illuminating bollard XL can be equipped with Wi-Fi antenna and has a very powerful optic that allows an interdistance of six times the height of the bollard; L illuminated bench can be equipped with wireless mobile charger.

During a ceremony held in Ljubljana on the 16th of October, Brenta will be awarded with the Big See award. Zavod Big systematically researches and rewards quality design and architectural production from the Southeast Europe and Slovenia. Zavod Big is an independent and a non-profit organisation, which encourages a development of creative economy, it links together development potentials of society, and it aims to face them with the challenges of modern world. It is the driving force of the City of Design, Month of Design and Big architecture Festivals, as well as Hiše magazine and Lesarki utrip magazine.

BIG SEE is the newest, latest and most exiting emerging platform under the BIG umbrella. SEE is Southeast Europe. And it brings together 18 countries and 250 million people in what is the most compelling, most creative region in the world.

BIG is an institution, Centre for Creative Economy of Southeast Europe, a big umbrella for a variety of compelling creative endeavours based in the City of Design, in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. And all with a common purpose: to bring strong creative practices closer to audiences everywhere in the larger region. As publisher (HIŠE magazine), event organiser (Month of Design, Big Architecture, Big Awards) and now, steering the new BIG SEE creative platform, BIG brings together individuals, institutions and companies to explore and celebrate everything this dynamic region has to offer.