Focus on: Light Archilede S

Street lighting does not necessarily have to disappear or blend into the lack of identity of the spaces that illuminates, for this reason we have designed Archilede S, a luminaire characterised by a distinctive aesthetic personality.

Winner of numerous design awards - Archilede S, represents for our cities the opportunity to become more sustainable without losing their identity, because well-lit cities are livable cities and the demonstration of how much illumination really contributes to the creation of the identity of a place.

Street lamps are the often forgotten fixtures of the urban landscape. Crucial to night time navigation, the feeling of safety, and many others; the objects are seemingly only noticed when not properly functioning. As lighting technologies quickly progress in every context from domestic table lamps to innovative automotive headlights — it’s only natural that the roadside beacons follow suit.

Archilede S is the result of Neri's design led approach to street lighting, because there is no reason why a lamp post shouldn’t be beautiful and help us to love our cities even more.