Francesco Stefanelli is the new general manager of Neri SpA

Starting September 1, Mr. Francesco Stefanelli is the new general manager of Neri SpA.

As General Manager, Mr. Stefanelli will oversee all aspects of the company, coordinating the development of key performance goals, ensuring the creation and implementation of the new worldwide global business strategy in relation to broader organizational strategic and financial plan.

He has over 25 years experience in leading with success expansion and growth across several and very different markets, having worked for the Ariston Thermo Group as well as served as Professor for Master’s Degree programs.

“We’re very excited to have someone of Francesco’s caliber and experience join our team,” said Isacco Neri, CEO of Neri SpA, “The decision comes after having worked together on specific projects and having found that we share the same ethos and passion. In a moment that tempts you – as a company – to limit your horizon and put your projects on hold, we decided to look at the future with the same spirit of my grand father, who founded this company, believing in what he was doing against all odds.”