German Design Awards 2019

In February the German Design Awards ceremony took place in Frankfurt, Brenta collection and Lang both won in the category lighting.

Our products have been selected among hundreds by a competent jury, the reason of the choice is written on the German Design Awards catalogue.

The statement of the jury about Lang says: ‘This street lighting luminaire is based on a design that is unusual in this field and whose playful use of silhouettes, shadows and the symbolic design itself are remarkable – and is sure to endow its surroundings with a special atmosphere. Refreshingly different.’

Whilst about Brenta has been written: ‘The idea of incorporating luminaires into various elements made of concrete – whose clear minimalist design language and aesthetic supports a modern architectural style – has been executed with remarkable consistency. An elegantly designed product whose versatility is also impressive.’

We would like to thank Emo Design and ÅF Lighting, who respectively designed Brenta and Lang, for their invaluable help and the Jury for their vision and the kind words.