Hydra lights the 'Rotonda sul mare'

The seaside town of Senigallia, located in the Marche region and part of the Ancona province, has indissolubly linked his name to the ‘Rotonda a Mare’. Built in the 30s to host parties and balls, the building has positioned Senigallia as one of most beloved and renowned destination in the ‘Riviera’. The restoration and conservation project of the entire complex, occurred between 1998 and 2006, has recently led the city council to initiate a series of redevelopment projects in the surrounding areas.

Neri took care of the lighting project for the areas of the seaside promenade and the adjacent streets. 230 spheric luminaires needed to be replaced, because responsible of a strong light pollution, an annoying alteration of natural colours and excessive energy consumption. For their replacement a better performing product – aesthetically pleasing – was required.

Hydra, designed by Japanese Makio Hasuike, was the chosen lighting fixture, due to its shape, the total absence of light dispersion and its warm light as a result of the particular technology it is equipped with. The standard source is LED with high reflection mixing chamber and a phosphorus glass that turns white when the light is off.

Thanks to Hydra the Senigallia waterfront shines today under a new and delicate almost lunar light.