Light and cities in 60 seconds

In Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, an award ceremony was held for the nine winners of the fourth international video competition “Reclaim the city, Reclaim the light”, an exhibition of short films organised and promoted by AIDI (the Italian Light Association) with the sponsorship of ENEA, ASSIL, Apil, the National Council of Planners, Landscape and Conservation Architects, Lombardy Region, Tuscany Region, City of Milan, City of Florence, Polytechnic University of Milan, Polytechnic University of Turin, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Confindustria and Confcommercio of Florence, Order and College of Architects and Engineers in Florence and the Tuscan College of Engineers. The competition was also help in collaboration with the Tuscan Film Commission and Magical Lanterns of the Tuscan System Foundation, with ADA (Association of Female Architects), Showlight (international exhibition of show lighting designers) and Galdus professional school in Milan.

The competition, being held for the fourth time, asked young people to represent light in terms of space and time, using their keen eye and perceptiveness, with the intention of disseminating the "culture of light, starting with young people, to reinforce the importance that this element has in their daily lives and to acknowledge and understand how light allows them to interact with the city where they live, study and work.

Neri S.p.A. contributed as a sponsor to organise the competition. In the 2017 edition, with its unique theme LIGHT AND PLACES, three categories of young people participated: under 18s, under 30s and lighting designers under 35, in order to be able to compare the different approach of the various age groups and to have a richer and more interesting narrative schedule. Many young people have responded with enthusiasm: over 100 videos and 200,000 views on the dedicated YouTube channel are only some of the figures closing the fourth edition of the “Reclaim the City” competition, confirming the great success of the initiative.