M’illumino di meno

On 24 February 2017 the “M’illumino di meno” (I use less energy) campaign returns, launched for the first time in 2005 by the popular radio program "Caterpillar" broadcast on Radio 2. The initiative, which is aimed at raising awareness about energy savings and sustainable mobility, calls for a full-day shut-off of lights on monuments, squares, offices, and housing, as well as the reduced use of electronic devices. Another theme for this year is "CondiVivere", from the Italian for 'sharing', which is intended as a means of reducing all types of waste. The initiative soon spread to entire cities and municipalities, which participate by turning off unnecessary lights.

Among the municipalities participating is Longiano, the city where the headquarters of Neri SpA has been located since 1977, which will be shutting off: the portico lighting of the Town Hall, Three Martyrs Square and the Borgo Fausto Square in the historic centre, the European Constitution Park in the Ponte Ospedaletto area, the cyclist/pedestrian train Via Badia in the Badia-Budrio area, and Parco Fagioli in the Badia area.

For years Neri has promoted sustainability and energy conservation through its products and the patient work of restoration and refitting.
An example of this is the project involving Florence and the lights it installed in the 70s which were restored by Neri SpA and equipped with a custom-made discharge plate. Thanks to this operation, the average current lighting value is three times greater than that of the previous configuration, with over 50% more energy savings.