Midsummer night's light

It’s the first installation of Alya in Italy, and the Adriatic Coast seems to be the ideal setting for a milestone's product, created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of NERI: an investment which covered 50 light points of the city center, and that pays for itself over time thanks to the energy savings .
The previous lighting fixtures were 250w consumption sodium lamps: thanks to new LED technology implemented by NERI, energy efficiency reached 70%.
Few kilometers far from NERI headquarters in Longiano, Bellaria is the first town to choose Alya, in its unedited white version: the municipality aims to renewi the city lighting with a touch of design, but without giving up an advanced LED technology and the high quality of light emission.

Alya, conceived by industrial designer Makio Hasuike, is the system designed for the 50th anniversary of NERI (1962-2012). The base, common to all the posts, draws on a typical feature of the NERI lamp posts, to which matter was somehow "subtracted" while an original LED lighting solution was added, outlining and decorating the surrounding space. Equipped with an advanced LED technology, its innovative light fixture is the contemporary version of a lantern. Alya has also a Wi-Fi system to access data and a built-in IP camera. Up to two units per lighting point can be installed on the system.
And the challenge it’s not over: we expect to combine it with an urban furniture series, currently being designed.
Alya came under the spotlight at the “Lightfair Innovation Award 2013” gala.
And it was at this awards ceremony that NERI joined the giants of the US market, taking second place on the podium out of the dozens of products competing in the category “Parking, Roadway, and Area Luminaries,” in which consumption, lighting quality, light pollution and energy efficiency were just some of the key factors examined.