Neri and Enel Sole present "Archilede Special"

“Archilede Special" is the LED lighting system for street lighting and roadways, created by NERI in collaboration with Enel Sole, and it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with all the value added services.
It’s on the market with a competitive price, high quality of light and energy efficiency.
The performance of the product can be further enhanced thanks to remote control systems and remote monitoring.

- Street lighting system LED
- Reduces energy consumption up to 70%
- Respect the environment
- Ensures uniform light without dispersion
- Reduces the light pollution
- Perfect for urban decor
- Excellent value for money

Archilede S by NERI is a product designed for street lighting in situations in which the concept of SMART CITY is making headway. With an attractive design, good efficiency and advanced technology, it is complemented by a stately but sinuous appearance, breaking the tradition of this segment, often poor and hardly harmonious with the surrounding environment.

The product is made of die cast aluminium with powder coating colour RAL 9007

Product protection IP66.
The protective screen is made of flat tempered extra-clear glass 4 mm thick with index of mechanical resistance IK08.


Temperature colour 4000K, Chromatic index CRI>70.
For the three versions of power, the optical engine consists of a sequence of: Source LED - Optic - Screen in glass.
The optics used are PMMA refraction optics

The product, as regards the electrical insulation, is in Class II.

All of the elements that contribute to the power supply, to the eventual electronic control for remote management, to downstream terminals are fixed to a plate that is removable without the use of tools.

The power supply is programmable with functions of auto-dimming (stand-alone), DALI

Temperature control is present on driver and on PCB.

The power of the system of the three sizes are:
• large size 110W

• medium 72W

• small 36W

Power Factor >0.9 at 70% of dimmed light