NERI and Fortimo technology

Reliable products, top-quality light emission, plus maximum energy efficiency and visual comfort of the highest level. Four distinctive elements and a single philosophy: the one that has made NERI a leading company in bringing together technology and design for 50 years.
“Innovation is a tradition” for us. And it is a tradition that we continue to renew thanks to our constant activity in product research and development, as is the case for light fittings with the Fortimo module: Light 21 and Light 804, which can now fit the new Fortimo module with power up to 6000lm.
The new third-generation Fortimo has all of the comfort of the previous generations, while using an even, large-sized light source compared to single LEDs while adding all of the performance benefits of next-generation LED lighting.
With a specially developed optic system, the result is diffused, well-distributed light that can cover greater distances between lighting points – from 4 to 6 times the height of the post.
The result is a winning combination of comfortable lighting, excellent light technology performance and energy savings as well as control electronics that offer a constant, guaranteed flow of up to 50,000 thousand hours.
Classical style with a traditional Italian feel enhanced by the cutting-edge contributions of the most successful international product designers. This is NERI’s formula, which has now been enhanced through partnership with important brands such as Philips, to guarantee the very best quality on the market.
The best technology has to offer, combined with a refined design, Made in Italy.

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