Neri at Venice Biennale 2013

The partnership began in 2012, after Dutch artist, Pieke Bergmans, chose NERI products as basic materials to create her artworks. Stressing and twisting cast iron brackets and posts, she creates unique masterpieces with mouth-blown crystal glass light bulbs that coagulate into fluid forms.
Her first exhibition at Miami design marked a breakthrough, earning a mention in the New York Times.

The company’s artistic background, as expressed by projects, drawings and artworks created by its founder, Domenico Neri, is still a strong presence both in our philosophy (permanent design research) and in our business lines (high-level custom-built projects).

Through its cultural planning activities, and site-specific projects, Venice Projects develops educational opportunities for dialogue and experimentation in the use of glass in contemporary art.
To exemplify its mission, Venice Projects produces Glasstress, as a travelling exhibition to raise awareness about contemporary art in glass worldwide, and taking part in important cultural events, such as the Biennale 2013.

Pieke Bergmans (1978) is an independent designer from the Netherlands and she has had various solo exhibitions in Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo, Miami and Basel.
Her favorite modus operandi is to alter existing production processes, creating new forms and functions, and making a name for herself with mouth-blown crystal glass that coagulates into fluid forms.