Neri back to the founding family

Now it’s official: from today, Neri SpA is now entirely under the control of the family that founded it, with a strong industrial plan that will sustain the development of the business.
The company was sold in 2001, as part of an operation including a stock exchange that made it become part of the Targetti Group, while now, on the 50th anniversary of its foundation, Neri SpA is returning to its history as a traditional but innovative family business, acquiring new expertise and looking to the future with a solid industrial plan.
To be more specific, the agreement involves the immediate transfer of 100% ownership of Neri SpA stock to the Neri family. At the same time, the Neri family will continue to hold a 22% share in the Targetti Group.
Experience, innovation, investments in R&D, Italian knowhow and elegant designs of the highest quality: this is the mix of key elements for the new Neri era, to be achieved via the implementation of the Industrial Plan 2013 – 2015, developed and drawn up by the company management and in particular by CEO, Isacco Neri.
The company, which since a long time has its heart and mind firmly rooted in its own country, is now looking further afield: the United States and the Middle and Far East are just some of the international markets on which it has decided to focus, looking to boost turnover (currently approximately €20 million). In fact, exports are expected to account for over half of overall turnover, thanks also to the development of new product lines and to co-projects with master planners and lighting designers from all over the world.
As Italy’s leading manufacturer of lighting systems and outdoor urban furnishing solutions, Neri is now focusing on a new goal, thanks to the introduction of so-called smart technologies, such as connectivity, energy savings, and Wi-Fi together with cutting-edge design, like the new collection by Makio Hasuike.