Neri sponsors Matera Academy of Light

Neri SpA sponsors Matera Academy of Light, whose mission is to promote and spread the culture of light, both as form of energy for everyday life and artistic and cultural resource.

Matera is a unique city in the world, not only for its Sassi (Stones) and its very ancient history, but also for the generosity of its people and its privileged geographic location. It is the symbol of Southern Italy, suspended between tradition and innovation, between past and future. In 2014, Matera, located in the Basilicata region, was awarded the role of European Capital of Culture for 2019. Even though there are still two years to go before the event, the city is already set up to launch its first projects, first and foremost the birth of the Academy.

As it has been for years, Neri is very pleased and satisfied to light a unique place like Matera. Several Neri systems and products are used to illuminate the splendid Sassi: Sheliak and Castore, with original lanterns and Light 800, Mizar with Light 22 and Light 23, Maia with a Light 801 lantern, Heka enriched by Light 104, and the LED systems. For this reason, we could not turn down the Academy's call and we will soon publish a complete calendar of events we will take part in.