New catalogues and website

There are over 2000 pages to browse, filled with information, technical sheets and photos. The contents of the new Neri catalogues are divided into 4 design books, each one colour coded depending on the subject: lighting, street furniture, structures, custom and restoration projects. There are also two product catalogues, one for street furniture and structures and another for lighting.

The design books show our installations all over the world: from the Americas to New Zealand and the Caribbean, from the Middle East to Paris, Dublin and Moscow. The volumes document a long journey through different cultures and landscapes unveiling architecture and environments where Neri products play an important role. This variety of locations will help designers in considering and evaluating similar situations and urban fabrics. The photographs show real cities and newly built areas with their architecture and peculiar characteristics. Daytime and night time shots of Neri products allow designers to evaluate their real impact on the environment and actual performance. The technical sections show the entire production and the numerous possible combinations between posts and lighting fixtures.

The website has also been implemented to be consistent with the new catalogues. The most relevant improvements are in the Products section, divided into the categories Lighting, Street Furniture and Structures, our three main business lines. These pages have been revisited and enhanced from a technical standpoint: the presentation of each product includes drawings, technical sheets, descriptions, configurations, tables, photometric information, codes and assembly instructions.

The data included is also easy to access and consult, and can be downloaded through a browsing filter system.
The Design section is completely new, with the presentation of several case studies. It contains slide shows, captions and relative documentation: pdf documents, images, and renderings.