New office in Gulf area

One of the new business and financial hubs in Dubai, in a setting of luxury skyscrapers and futuristic architecture overlooking the Persian Gulf and the splendid Palm Island: this is the home of Neri’s new offices, run by our manager, Mr. Selim Doueihy, and inaugurated in the Jumeirah Lake Towers complex, better known as “JLT”.
A strategic step in company growth, which is officialising its presence in the Middle East by opening these offices after years of intense business relations with both public and private entities: the crowning moment in a long history of business activities, one that has seen some very important moments.
Over the years, Neri has been able to put important projects in place in this area, enriching symbolic sites and expanding its own presence as a company, thanks to the success of a host of custom-built projects.
From the lanterns with soft Moorish style and gilt decorations fitted on 800 posts in the majestic setting of the Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, to the over 1500 lighting points that illuminate the New International Airport of Doha in Qatar; and from the futuristic building complex known as “The Pearl,” enriched with 1200 installations, to Terminal One of Jeddah airport in Saudi Arabia and the futuristic area of Sport City, Dubai: these are just some of the projects completed during over a decade of activity.
From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, Doha and Jeddah, the charm of the Middle East can be seen through its lights, its golden reflections; eastern forms in squares that light up at night, or in enormous structures that are illuminated like modern cathedrals of light.

Neri S.p.A. (JLT Branch)
29-13 Reef Tower Cluster O
JLT - Jumeirah Lake Towers
P.O. Box: 115738 · Dubai - UAE
T +971 4 4487246
F +971 4 4487112
M +971 50 6507185