Old fashion, new soul

With this kit, all Neri lanterns made from the 1970s onwards can be “upgraded” by replacing the old light sources with new LED modules, which (for the same average lighting at ground level) can guarantee excellent energy savings. The kit has recently also been developed to be fitted to other products, thanks to dedicated studies for mechanical insertion and laboratories' functional tests certified by WMT and UL.
Neri has developed specific kits taking into account all of the aspects that can guarantee good operation and durability, including LED module protection against overheating and guaranteed reliability of the highest level.
Neri LED modules integrate a street type optic which significantly reduce upward light dispersion, a major cause of light pollution. They are designed to be lasting, with a useful life of more than 80,000 hours (L80). They switch on instantly and maintain performance over time, meaning less regular maintenance is needed for lamp replacements. The colour rendering and visual comfort are also better, meaning less glare, thanks to optical solutions that increase the light surface.
The modules are also able to guarantee excellent luminous flux (up to 4500lm for CCT 4000K and 3000K) and offering IP66 protection grade. They are comprised of an electronic board with LEDs power up to 3W (60W referring to the module), a PC shield with lenses (asymmetric street optic), a heat sink, a support to connect wiring and a ENEC marked feeder. The product has different protection stages (short circuit, overload, overpotential, overheating), offers class II insulation and protection for external ambient, working within a temperature range from -40° to +40° C.
A control logic for dimmering is available for the kit version with more advanced feeders to reduce flux autonomously, control 1-10V and DALI, and constant flux 50,000 hours’ use.