Pisa in a new light

The extensive work done by Neri in Pisa consisted in restoration, re-fitting, new lighting and urban furniture installation. Numerous devices and systems have been installed or restored across the whole city.

The starting point has been piazza dei Miracoli – UNESCO World Heritage site – where 12 original posts more than one century old have been restored. The posts, originally supporting the cables of trolley buses, have been converted into streetlights (mounting ‘Light 22’), after an accurate restoration process. 

The original spheric lighting fixtures with mercury lamps mounted on Neri's posts supplied several years ago, have been replaced by ‘Light 23’ and ‘Light 34’. New generations systems such as Mizar, Maia, Tabit and Heka have been chosen to light other parts of the city. 

Fountains, gazebo, benches, bins and flower bed borders have been provided to complete the project.

The Pisa project case study can be downloaded from the download section below, while the individual pages of the products mentioned above can be access from the link section.