Portopiccolo, complete metamorphosis

In three years a 350,000 square metre old stone quarry has become a seaside resort consisting of 380 residences laid out with bay views and equipped with every comfort and opportunity. It comprises shops, restaurants, hotels, parking lots, a port and a fully equipped resort beach. Portopiccolo is in Sistiana which is 20 km north-west of Trieste. It was designed by the architect Francesco Luparelli and is one of Italy’s most important projects in recent years.

It is an elegant place where the smallest detail required care and attention and the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy. This was why Neri was entrusted, not only for the lighting but also the entire urban complex furnishing. Neri’s Heka street lights system, Kuma street fittings system and Light 21 lighting systems give the square, port and streets a fairy-tale atmosphere in the evenings. Street furniture plays a central role in a place without the cars where the pedestrian is the king.