Quality matters

All of the elements of our products matter considerably, not least applying the best possible finish to them.

For our products to perform as they should, their finish is of great importance. Not only does this final process impact upon appearance, it is also of utmost significance when it comes to durability.

The environmental impact of this process is something we continually assess and look to improve. All our paints are water based. We are also aware that the second element to products being eco-friendly is for them to require less upkeep, so we have also gone to great lengths to ensure their durability, so that upkeep and maintenance are kept to the minimum.

For all our finishes we measure resistance to QUV, resistance to rusting, as well as paint thickness when dry. The application process for each type of material has then been meticulously assessed and evaluated.

It is this care and level of attention to every detail of the finishing process that helps match performance with continuing efficacy and durability.