Season's Greetings

Fondazione Neri and Neri SpA wish you Happy Holidays with photos of works by the Italian artist Carlo Bernardini (Viterbo 1966), chosen for a second annual publication on the theme of "light, art and space". The first publication, issued last year was dedicated to the American artist Matthew Schreiber.

The Fondazione, as part of its dedication to studying urban decor, has always had great consideration for architecture and the way light can transform it. Through experiments with a new expressive material - optical fibre - Bernardini is able to interact with architecture and external spaces, as well as interiors, to transform the areas from simple containers for the artwork into complete settings integrated into the artwork itself. “An installation can take up space, enclose it inside of itself, and push it forcefully into the visual dimension determined by the idea”: this is the result of a meticulous work of abstraction, that explores the element-line to arrive at the essence, almost as if it wanted to see the invisible. Light creates a space in the design, which changes depending on the point of observation and the onlooker's movements.