Seminar in Potenza

On March 18-19, 2015, in the offices of the the Association of Engineers of Potenza and in the council house of Venosa municipality, Neri held a CPD about energy efficiency. The seminar was aimed to update technicians and engineers about the regulations in the field of lighting design, with particular focus on LED technology applied to street lighting.

Alessandro Cola and Giovanni Ringressi, both engineers and part of the Neri research and development team, talked about the EN 13201 regulation and its future updates; explained how to deal with issues like glaring and visual comfort through a series of case studies; spoke about heat dissipation and systems efficiency, describing the current level of LED technology and its future developments.

The seminar is part of the national system for professional skills certification. Neri, by working in partnership with several professional associations, is often called to teach during seminars and CPDs.