Silver award at IDEA Brasil

2013 is confirmed as an exceptional year for NERI in the field of international awards for technology and design.
Particularly overseas, where the exploit of its first participation in the LFI Award 2013 in Philadelphia and the Mencao Honrosa” honourable mentioned received in the “26th design award Museu Da Casa Brasileira”, awarded by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture, once again Brazil is the source of great satisfaction for the Longiano based company, which has received the IDEA Brazil award.
After being shortlisted as one of the finalists for the IDEA award in the USA, NERI now steps onto the podium of the one of the most sought-after design awards in Brazil, winning the silver prices with Electra, one of the most popular elements in the Contemporary section, designed by Alfredo Farné.
Unprecedented confirmation of excellence in the South American world of design: indeed, Brazil is the only country outside the United States to be selected and authorised to host the IDEA award competition.