Success: Light+Building 2018

Thank you everybody for visiting us during Light+Building 2018 in Frankfurt am Main. We presented many new products and we are glad they’ve all been appreciated. It means the world to us that our efforts have been recognised by designers, partners and distributors. This year edition was for us the result of years of hard work. We’ve been gifted with many projects and we developed a whole new series of products that we shared with you all. From Milos, our fully customisable road lighting luminaire, to the LED version of Chara or a more powerful and efficient Matar, through Brenta, a concrete collection entirely equipped with light and smart features to Lang, the post top luminaire that is the result of a great collaboration with the Danish practice ÅF Lighting or our new ‘Kruithof LED engine’ that allows you to dim the colour of light, your response was far beyond our expectations. We look forward to work together, because our cities deserve good lighting. To quote Florence Lam, Head of Global Lighting Design for Arup: “Urban lighting isn’t just about meeting safety needs through code compliance, or achieving an aesthetic effect. It presents a significant opportunity to fundamentally improve the quality of life of urban citizens. Properly considered, lighting can positively impact the ‘total architecture’ of our cities; reinforcing urban design principles, enhancing cultural experiences and encouraging social interaction.”