The bright side of the moon

Hydra has arrived. Soft forms and warm lighting to furnish the city with Neri light. The first installation is already a great success. It sums up the concept of comfort, taken to the highest level in terms of results by designer Makio Hasuike. The Hydra system has been devised especially to bring a new style to town centres with its unusual, dreamlike and almost lunar effect, which comes from its spherical shape. One of the flagship items in the new Contemporary lighting collection by Neri S.p.a., Hydra can be seen in the splendid setting of Senigallia, where it has totally changed the lighting in the area in front of the splendid “Rotonda a mare”, the town’s circular pier.
A perfect symbiosis of shapes, with the rounded forms of the fountain and the building that has been looking out over the sea since the 1930s. And this is just the first part of a project that will see the installation of a further 250 street lamps along the whole sea front of this town in Italy’s Marche region. Urban restyling that is ready to add the idea of modern design to vintage events such as the town’s “Jamboree”.
From a technical lighting viewpoint, the standard source on the fitting is a LED, with a high-reflection mixing chamber and a phosphorous-coated optic for an elegant, aesthetic result. Hydra is also ready to be integrated with the new “Neri Smart System” equipment, the new frontier in technology applied to the creation of “Smart cities”.
And beauty becomes smart.

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