The "candelabri" of Imola

In the first decades of 900, during the fascist period , the historical centre of Imola met one of the most important transformations in its long history, capable of cultural changes and urban polarities . Among the various interventions stood out the reorganization of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, chosen as a place to raise an impressive monument to the fallen soldiers of the First World War.

The choice of this type of urban candlestick was not random. The street lamps, in addition to performing their function enlightening, had to be combined with the grandeur of the monument and its many decorations: winged victories bundles Roman laurel wreaths. The monument was inaugurated on 13 June 1928 with the presence of Queen Elena of King Vittorio Emanuele III.
The choice of the Municipality council was inspired by a pole in Rome which held a similar function: to crown another great monument, the Aurelian Column . It was a pole manufactured in Rome in the late 800 by the foundry - Bastianelli Avanzini .