The Fenice project

Neri has developed a new service in order to give life and glory back to those lighting products installed in the past decades. Energy savings, sustainability, compliance with the latest regulations are the key aspects of the service. The ‘Fenice’ project is a cost-effective alternative to the complete replacement of systems and fixtures, the focus is on reactivating electrical and mechanical functionalities, while retaining the original aesthetics. 

The lighting fixtures could be substituted with lanterns like ‘Light 804’ equipped with Fortimo LED system. This fixture completely eliminates upwards light dispersion and glare, while providing a better light quality and substantial savings. The spheric light fixtures could be replaced with ‘Light 23’, ‘Light 34’ and ‘Light 106’. It is also possible to operate directly on historic lighting fixtures by changing the light source, as occurred in Montecarlo, Siena and Auckland in New Zealand.

The ‘Fenice’ project brochure and case studies can be downloaded from the download section below, while the individual pages of the products mentioned above can be access from the link section.