The Graal in Venosa

Located in southern Italy, the town of Venosa is part of the exclusive “most beautiful villages” association. The town is full of historical architecture, including fountains, churches, ancient castles and Roman ruins.
The challenge was to replace the existing 130 W-170 W high-pressure sodium lamps with a new solution, significantly reducing energy consumption and delivering a much longer system lifetime. The luminaire design also had to suit the historical location and ambiance.
To avoid the unnatural yellow light and the poor colour rendering of the existing lamps, the new luminaires needed to provide high-quality white light, enhancing colours and improving visibility.
A total of 420 customised luminaires, equipped with the Fortimo LED LLM 3000 lm module, have been installed in Venosa. The Lanterna design is the result of the collaboration between NERI and I-DEA, giving a customised product incorporating the Fortimo LED LLM and the Xitanium 75 W LED driver.
The result is a luminaire perfectly matching the environment while giving a warm and pleasant white light. The luminaires give a comfortable, glare-free light with great colour rendering.
The performance of the Fortimo LED LLM module together with the thermal design of the Lanterna allow a system lifetime of 50,000 hours, compared to only 20,000 hours with the old technology.
Additionally, the Fortimo LED LLM only consumes 34 W of power, delivering energy savings of more than 75%.