The road to art and pleasure

SS9, better known as via Emilia and built by the Romans during the third century BC, is still the backbone of Emilia Romagna unfolding in a straight line from Piacenza to Rimini. The stretch that connects Bologna to the Adriatic sea reveals villages suspended in time and treasures hidden among the green fields and yellow hills.

The article “The road to art and pleasure” published in the February issue of DOVE, the Italian travel magazine, dedicates an article to this itinerary. There are many places mentioned in this sort ‘down memory lane’ piece; among them there is Longiano, the town on the hill once a Malatesta feud, now the repository of small but precious art treasures such as the Italian museum of cast iron, housed in the eighteenth-century church of Santa Maria of Tears.

The magazine publishes a striking panoramic photo of the museum interior capturing the elegant artistic candelabra used in the nineteenth century for public lighting.