The versatility of Chara system

The post is made of steel, the lighting fixture is a cast aluminium cylinder hanging from a long bracket, the look is so familiar that it seems designed for homes.

And cities are actually our collective homes. Designed by Studio ATA, Clem, François Fiorenti and Alfredo Farné, Chara is available in one, two, or three lights version. Its discreet and minimalist design works perfectly with different environments, historical or contemporary, from urban areas, such as roads, car parks, squares and pedestrian areas, parks and even amusement parks. Chara actually illuminates the main entrance of the recently opened Cinecittà park in Italy dedicated to the history of cinema. The luminaire can accommodate two different optics and several types of lamp, offering resistance to surge (10kV), an electronic power supply with 92% efficiency and a 110lm/W white light lamp.

The extreme versatility of the system allows many variations. Chara is available in different heights, the standard luminaire can be eventually changed, basement can be included or not. Carya, with its banner frames, clocks, shelters, planters, bins, bollards and ashtrays is the urban furniture series that better complements Chara system.