We are the best of Italian design

Neri North America is among the exhibitors and sponsor of “The Best of Italian Design”, held at Miami Ironside (Florida).

Architects and interior designers, members of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) in South Florida will take part to the event.

The first day, on May 19, a guided tour through the Showrooms to discover the Italian design innovation in Miami will take place.

Previews and in-depth analyses will be presented by the showrooms managers and directors. The Showrooms will host co-branding initiatives -coordinated by IACC- with Italian artists, designers and food and wine producers.

The second day, on May 20, a Symposium will be lead by Italian architects and interior designers, followed by “The Best of Italian Design Exhibit”, where visionary minds meet the Italian artisans’ heritage.

In the evening, an Italian style dinner will be served. During the dinner, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce will recognize The Best of Italian Design Award and honor the innovators that greatly contribute to bring the Italian design and excellence in the US.