Welcome Antares

After having presented it at Light + Building 2016 in Frankfurt, Neri is ready to officialise the launch of its most innovative product: the LED street lighting system called Antares, designed by Makio Hasuike. Powerful and flexible, the new product combines design, visual comfort, high performance and energy savings into a single system. Available in two versions - Size 1 and Size 2 - Light Antares is equipped with two different lenses for a total of nine shapes with a light flow that goes from 3,500 to 18,000 lumen.

The two lens systems belong to the categories Comfort and Performance, respectively. The first version reaches 142 lm/W, and the second has a patented lens to reduce glare and increase visual comfort. Therefore, it is excellent for installations on roads and highways, parking lots, roundabouts, pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths, as well as pedestrian crossings and large outdoor areas.

The shell is made in die-cast aluminium painted in the textured colour RAL 9006 Superdurable and the screen is in transparent extra-clear glass.

The wide emission surface and the perimeter reflector increase efficiency while keeping glare factors reduced. Light Antares uses latest generation Cree XP-L LEDs, which provides very high performance lighting, with a ceramic base that guarantees high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation to ensure a longer lifespan. The lens system is made up of overlaid lenses in PMMA, with high performance transmission of light that remains constant over time. The flexibility of this lens composition makes it possible to obtain personalised light distribution patterns.

Designed with a button operated opening system that does not require tools, Light Antares was created to facilitate installation and maintenance operations on the product. It also has two fixing options: on a post-head or in a lateral position.

Heat dissipation, which is crucial for the system’s efficiency, was factored into the original aesthetic design. The physical contact between the light source and the aluminium cover, through channels dedicated to the individual LED sources, guarantees that heat is transmitted in the correct direction.