The series is composed by three pieces: bollard, litter bin and bench. Curved and pleasant lines are the link between the Gilia series and the coordinated lighting system Propus.


The series is made of steel, cast iron and aluminium. The bench seat is made of brown Iroko wood.


The standard colour is the so-called Neri Grey: it is obtained from a chromatic combination that has been developed during a long aesthetic research. Painting is carried out through a water-based and highly eco-friendly process. The wooden bench slats are semi-matte dark brown.


Benches 2147
Width Length Height
6 ft 25 1/4 inch 31 1/2 inch
Max load
Bollards 2973
Width Height
7 inch 3 1/2 ft
Litter bins 2273
Width Length Height
15 1/4 inch - 18 1/4 inch 16 1/4 inch 35 1/2 inch - 3 1/4 ft
33.5 l