Adriatic Coast

The restorations we are going to show refer to many Italian cities, brought together by the proximity to the Adriatic sea. It’s interesting to observe the concentration of these places, that have preserved and protected their heritage of original cast iron lamp posts. Over the years, Neri restored all the posts, which were often similar, of the following cities: Cesenatico, Pesaro, Fano, Senigallia, Ancona and Loreto.


Cesenatico is proud of its excellent canal harbour, built in the 16th century from an original project by Leonardo da Vinci. Today, Cesenatico is a known vacation destination, with its wide beaches and beach resorts, that are true recreation areas and the economic engine of the city.

The posts located in the huge square in front of the Grand Hotel were the symbol of urban development of the twenties, when the Adriatic Coast lived the city-planning revolution, with its big Art Nouveau-style seaside promenades being built.


Fano was an important Roman centre, which got its walls, that still largely exist today, from the emperor Augustus. The city overlooks the sea and is a tourist and holiday destination. In Piazza XX Settembre, four posts, identical to the ones in Cesenatico, were restored.


It’s one of the main tourist destinations of the Marche region, and tourists from all over Italy and Europe visit it every year, also thanks to the famous ‘velvet beach’. Since 1997 Senigallia has been awarded with the Blue Flag, a certification by the FEE that beaches meet the standards of bathing water quality and environmental care. In Senigallia, Neri restored two four-light posts, located in Piazza Roma.


Pesaro isn’t just a seaside tourist destination but primarily an industrial city. The manufacturing industry represents the main production activity of the city. The furniture district is one of the most renowned local productive systems. The four posts that were restored in Pesaro are of the same type of the ones in Fano and Cesenatico.


Ancona overlooks the Adriatic Sea and has one of the most important ports in Italy. It is a city of art with many monuments, and it’s one of the main economic centres of the region. The city of Ancona is situated on a promontory, formed by the northern slopes of mount Conero. This promontory originates the Gulf of Ancona, which has a natural harbour in the inner part. In Ancona, the posts are different from the previous ones: they have a similar height but are of a different type.


Loreto developed around the well-known Basilica, which houses the famous relics of the Holy House of Nazaret where, according to the tradition, the Virgin Mary was born, and where she lived and received the Annunciation of the miraculous birth of Jesus. The posts that were restored in Loreto are in the square in front of the Basilica. They are single posts, with zither, and they are long and elegant.