Acireale rises above the sea on the slopes of Etna, on a plateau originally created by volcanic lava. Its history goes back to Ancient Greece and mythology narrates that Polyphemus once lived here. It is famous for its Carnival.

Piazza Duomo is at the center of the city. It has recently been the object of an upgrading project, with renewal of its paving and illumination.

The lamp post chosen is the fruit of historical research conducted by the Neri Foundation to identify the typology adorning the piazza in the past. A photograph conserved in the archives of the Foundation showed that the original lamp posts were probably cast by a tuscan foundry and were to be found in much of Sicily, including Scicli and Ragusa. Year before, Neri had reproduced the same model for the city of Siena, and this facilitated its use in the Acireale project.