Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, hosted the 1st European Games in 2015. The event organisation caused a deep urban transformation, with buildings designed to host competitions being built, together with skyscrapers and even long boulevards on the seafront, which are in ideal continuity with the ones built at the beginning of the 20th century, based on the European model.

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium is one of the most important buildings, among the ones that have just been built. The project involved not only the stadium but the entire area located around a lake, an oasis that became green again, with people enjoying the promenade in the evening and kids playing happily.


Neri furnished and lit the park with Hydra, Alya and Saiph systems: the products fit perfectly with the style of the stadium thanks to their modern design, and play a role in making this place nice and enjoyable also after the sport events.


The city has long boulevards on the Caspian sea: the ones from the early 20th century with many trees and lawns, and the modern ones where the stone element is of central importance. Here are located 16 piers, and it’s nice to stop and enjoy the place for a while, since it feels like being at sea. To light and decorate this place, the Matar system has been chosen.


The city is still expanding to the south with new boulevards, where Neri used the Alkes system mounted on 12-meter-high posts, with staggered arms, that were built specifically for this project.

Hydra in space Tv

Hydra system has been installed in the city, in Space Tv square, too.

Old city

Baku has a thousand-year history, and its old city centre is more that 1000 years old. Its value has been recognised by UNESCO as a ‘World Heritage Site’. Neri lit the old city centre with lamp posts and brackets part of Sheliak system and ‘Light 500’ lantern.