Modern bridges, like Calatrava’s projects, stand out, represent contemporary architectural excellences that are acclaimed throughout the world. In Rome and Venice, Neri’s lamp posts had to establish a dialogue with such transparent and dynamic structures, in a fortunate combination between classical and contemporary forms.


In Rome Ponte della Musica Armando Trovajoli – designed by BuroHappold and Kit Powell Wiliams Architects – stretches over the Tevere river between quartiere della Vittoria and Flaminio, linking the auditorium Parco della Musica, the MAXXI museum and the Olimpic theater with Foro Italico. The square that preceeds the bridge is lit by Heka system equipped with ‘Light 804’.


In Venice, the Calatrava bridge over the Canal Grande from Piazzale Roma is flanked by the original one- and three-light posts restored by Neri. The 19th century lampposts are a distinguishing feature of the whole city.