Cesena Biblioteca Malatestiana

Cesena is situated in the centre of the Romagna region, between the Adriatic sea and the Apennine. The centre is surrounded by the original walls – almost entirely intact – and various turrets and gates located below the ancient Malatesta castle. Mentioned even by Dante in his Inferno, it was the birthplace of two great popes from the Napoleonic era between the end of the Eighteenth century and the beginning of the Nineteenth century.

The Malatestiana Library

The Malatestiana Library in Cesena, ordered by Malatesta Novello, Lord of Cesena around 1450, is the only example in the whole world of a Renaissance humanistic library perfectly preserved in the building, the furniture, and the selection of books. UNESCO has put it in the ‘Mémoire du Monde’ Register.

The library contains works on philosophy, theology, and writing of a biblical nature, as well as scientific and classical literature of various origin. It is a rare example of a complete and marvellous collection preserved since the middle of the Fifteenth century, just before the printing press arrived in Europe.

Fenice project

Recently, the Nineteenth century wing of the Library was restored and equipped with new reading, conference and archiving halls. For this occasion, through the Fenice project, the ‘Light 800’ lanterns supplied by Neri in the 1970s and mounted on an original Nineteenth century bracket were restored. The old bulb has been replaced with a modern LED lighting system also supplied by Neri.

Syrma system

To light the piazza, the Syrma system was chosen, with its modern lines integrated with spotlights to light the monument dedicated to Renato Serra.

Scilla series

To complete the project and furnish the garden in front of the Library, the litter bin from the Scilla series was chosen.