Cinecittà World, Rome

At the gates of Rome, Cinecittà World is the first theme park in Italy dedicated to cinema. The park offers 20 attractions, 8 movie sets, 4 theatres and 4 theme restaurants. Sets were designed by Dante Ferretti, while the soundtrack was written by Ennio Morricone.

Chara system

Neri was responsible for lighting the entire park. This is not a case of general lighting for all areas. Instead, for each area Neri proposed and created specific lamp posts, which blend in with the individual contexts. The Chara system was chosen for the Park entrance.

Alphard system

For the spectacular entrance to Cinecittà World, Dante Ferretti paid homage to the first colossal filmed in Italy, in 1914: ‘Cabiria’.The temple of the god Moloch – in which Cabiria is saved by Maciste – is the door through which one enters the park. The temple is lit using Alphard – a modern and essential post, with a cylindrical shape and fitted with multiple lighting elements capable of lighting both the surrounding area and specific points to be emphasised in the set. The same post lights Aktium, dedicated to Ancient Rome. It is a reproduction of the city of Ambracia, a refuge for Marcus Octavius’s legionaries. The temple of the elephant god Erawan celebrates the adventure films of the Fifties. The Alphard system lights the set, characterised by tropical plants and sounds reproducing those of the jungle.

New York post replica

Beyond the temple of Cabiria lies Main Street, inspired by 1930s New York, at the time of prohibition, gangsters, and swing. The post that lights the New York set is a post that replicates the historical lamp post that lit the streets of the Great Apple. Neri created this lamp post in cast iron, with ‘light 801’ lantern with LED technology.

Custom wooden posts

Neri created custom-made wooden lamp posts for Ennio’s Creek, a western-style village, with a replica of the saloon from High Noon, in addition to the church and classic dusty cemetery of the Far West. The soundtrack on the set was created by Ennio Morricone. The swan neck brackets on the post represent a sheriff’s star.

Mizar post with custom fantasy luminaire

Sognalibro – a temple to imagination – is the set for children inspired by the fantasy genre. Even the lamp posts, created especially by Neri, form the perfect backdrop to the various rides and to the Splashbattle water games.

Alya system

At the centre of the set dedicated to science fiction movie sagas lies the spaceship Altair, which just landed on the Earth. A thrilling interstellar voyage, along a roller coaster with one of the longest tracks among the largest European attractions.To light this set, Neri chose Alya – a lamp post with a futuristic, space-age line.

Mizar Post with ‘Light 106’

In the central area of the park, overlooked by the various sets, the Mizar post was installed, with LED ‘Light 106’.


Throughout the park, Neri also provided cast iron benches. As for the lighting, the benches are also different from one set to the next, from the Layia bench, similar to the cast iron New York lamp posts, to the futuristic Lotus, at the feet of spaceship Altair, to those with tree trunk-shaped side-supports of Aktium.