Dubai, City Walk 2

City Walk 2 has just opened in Dubai. It is located on Al Safa street, the large street that leads from the main road Sheikh Zayed road towards the sea with a beautiful view of the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. City Walk 2 reproduces the concept of a European city with shops and businesses lined up along a main road where visitors transit. This isn’t a ‘closed’ shopping centre on several floors, but instead a street with indoor and outdoor squares on street level, where it is pleasant to walk around and stop occasionally.

For the lighting and furnishings of City Walk 2, Neri produced several different products with LED light sources that would all reflect the essential style of the modern architecture chosen for the buildings. Lamp post with square bases and one or two offset lights were designed for the main road and the square behind it. In the central streets of City Walk 2, luminous columns have been designed and manufactured. This ‘open’ geometric solution really is impressive.

Pedestrian walkways are delimited from road traffic by lit bollards that have the same shape as the columns.

Neri has also provided illumination for the large indoor galleries with cubic lights mounted on the glass ceiling.