Dubai Parks

Dubai Parks, around 40 km from Dubai, is the first park of its kind in the world. A kilometre-long river runs through the park, connecting the different areas: Riverland, which has the appearance of a 17th century French village; Boardwalk, inspired by America in the 50s, with a variety of restaurants; The Peninsula, dedicated to concerts, and the grand India Gate plaza, which forms the gateway to Bollywood Park, designed in the style of 1920s colonial India.

Neri products have enhanced various areas of the park; the project called for a different type of product for each of these. To illuminate Riverland, lamp posts from the Nashira and Kuma systems with ‘Light 801’ were selected, plus brackets from the Tabit system with ‘Light 700’ and ‘Light 500’.

For The Peninsula, a bespoke lamp post was created with an illuminated column, along with ‘Light 500’.

Lastly, the grand plaza in front of Bollywood is illuminated and decorated with the Sheliak system and Tabit top with ‘Light 700’.