Etihad Museum, Dubai

The Etihad Museum is the new museum in Dubai that tells the rich history of the UAE. More specifically, of the treaty signed by the country’s founding fathers that united the seven Emirates and began the extraordinary economic development of the United Arab Emirates. The museum is located on the same historical site as Union House, the place where the constitution of the United Arab Emirates was signed in 1971 to establish its independence and to create the first federation of the Arab world.

Designed by Canadian architects Moriyama and Teshima, the white curved roof of the museum is inspired by the shape of the Constitution and sits atop seven columns that represent the pens used to sign the original agreement.

For the Union House lighting, ‘Light 106’ was chosen, which recalls the design of the original lamp posts that were white in colour, as seen in old photographs taken on the occasion of the signing.

Through images and objects, the museum tells of the situation before the unification: different passports and armies, different borders and a territory with an economy that was mostly poor.

Giant photographs of the Emirs who signed the unification and their personal objects form the heart of the exhibition.