Expo 2015, Milan

At Expo 2015 in Milan Neri furnished and lit the amphitheatre area. A total area of 8700 square meters, the size of a football pitch, divided equally between green spaces and terraces, with a capacity to accommodate up to 8000 people, is the Expo amphitheatre, built to host events and official ceremonies.


Atlas is a simple steel pole, 12 meters high, with three IP66 high performance luminaires that develop 12.000lm each. Despite its high output, thanks to our in-house designed optics, the glare is very low as well as the consumption (300W per luminaire, developing 120lm\W each). All the lighting fixtures are controlled via DALI and dimmable.

Syrma column

The large green space in front of the amphitheatre, characterised by the presence of numerous trees, is the ideal set for the installation of our Syrma columns, equipped with 1800 LEDs providing a 360° illumination. These 42 extruded aluminium lighting columns are designed to create a comfortable ambience with minimum glare.


Between that sector and the area itself occupied by the amphitheatre there are four lighting installations, designed by Japanese Makio Hasuike, engineered and produced thank to a collaboration between Neri and Enelsole.
They’ve been named by the designer himself ‘Equiseto’, after the medicinal plant, known since ancient times for its beneficial properties. The 7 metres tall structures aim to communicate the life and energy which are the basis of our diet.
These ‘breathing organisms’, consisting of a metallic frame covered by painted wooden slats, change colour, to evoke the beautiful shades of the Mediterranean food, thanks to programmed RGB LEDs.

Official Technical Partner of Enel on the Lighting Solution for Expo 2015.